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In 2009, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. established a strategic and cooperative relationship in the field of information security. The Laboratory of Cryptology and Computer Security (LoCCS) led by Professor Gu Dawu from the Computer Science and Engineering department of SJTU and the Security Technology Department of Huahong founded a joint laboratory for data security protection, aiming to perform in-depth researches on security technologies for integrated circuit products. The joint laboratory, combining production, study, and research, can not only enhance interaction between academia and industry but also speed up industrialization of academic achievements in information security, thereby gaining a win-win result. This cooperation will help the enterprise obtain industry-leading security product research and development capabilities, and enhance national and international influences of the enterprise in information security industry. Meanwhile, it also enables the university to discover and put forward more valuable scientific and technical topics which may promote a closer connection between academic research and actual requirements, thus better serving the society.

Currently, Professor Gu Dawu is appointed as Responsible Professor of School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and Doctoral Advisor of the Computer Department at SJTU, Yangtze river scholars Distinguished Professor, and Director of LoCCS. He is also board members of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research (CACR), Shanghai Computer Society (SCS), and Shanghai Open System Association, respectively. He serves as deputy director of CACR technical committee for Cryptographic Chips, member of CACR technical committee for Cryptographic Algorithms, standing member of CCF technical committee for Information Privacy, and director of SCS technical committee for Information Security. He has made many scientific achievements and enjoys a high national and international reputation in the fields of cryptographic algorithm analysis and design, computer security and information security engineering.

LoCCS is an academic institution that works on cryptology and computer security. In recent years, the laboratory has made major achievements in cryptographic theory and algorithms, hardware and system security, software and system security, network and system security, resolved many national and local technical and professional issues, and made important contributions for basic scientific research, technical breakthrough, information consultation, and talents training. Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. had worked on chip security technologies for many years. Since its foundation in 1998, it has been committed to research and development of security products (typically, smart card chips) and provided a range of highly secure and reliable products and services for enterprises and governments. Its products are widely applied in financial IC cards, all-in-one cards for public transport, identification, social security, telecommunication, and information security. The founded joint security laboratory will make full advantages of the two parties in scientific and engineering fields, jointly improve the national research quality in high-security applications (typically, smart cards) so that advanced scientific achievements can be converted into leading products and technologies.

The research fields will include:

Cryptographic theory and algorithms

- Theory of information and computing

- Public-key cryptography

- Symmetric encryption and authentication

- Cryptographic protocols

Hardware and system security

- Basic theory of side channel attack

- Security analysis of cryptographic hardwares

- Cryptographic hardware system protection

- Evaluation and testing of cryptographic hardwares

Software and system security

- Software security

- Invasion and defense

- System security

- Mobile and intelligent security

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