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SHHIC dual interface banking IC product obtained the international CC EAL4+ chip security certificate

Published 2013-11-25 10:18:26

The dual interfacefinancial IC card chip independently researched and developed by ShanghaiHuahong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SHHIC) has passedthe international CC EAL4+ certification in November 20, 2013. It is the firstand the only chip product obtaining this certification in china. Theacquisition of the international CC EAL4+ certificate demonstrates that SHHIC’scapability of security development and management has reached advancedinternational level.

SHHICstarted cooperation with Brightsight on the IC security technique pre-testingprojects from 2010. With more than 2 years’ developing efforts of the securitytechniques, SHHIC officially launched the project of the overseas CC EAL4+certification of the dual interface smart card chip SHC1302/2907M4 in September2012. After careful study and several on-site investigations, SHHIC selectedNorwegian SERTIT as the certification authority and the world-renowned securitylaboratory Brightsight, which is also one of the EMVCo-recognized evaluationlaboratories, as the evaluation laboratory. After a series of intensified andcomplicated evaluation tests, SHHIC SHC1302/2907M4 chip has produced outstandingperformance in terms of anti-attack capability (AVA_VAN.5) and productdevelopment security (ALC_DVS.2) evaluation and passed the tests and reviews ofhighest standards. SHHIC SHC1302/2907M4 dual interface IC card chip successfullypassed all evaluations and tests in September 2013. Norwegian SERTIT officiallyawarded it CC EAL4+ certificate in November 2013.

In the progress ofdomestic banking system EMV migration, SHHIC international certification willcertainly lead the reform and innovation of domestic chip technology andaccelerate the localization process of China’s financial IC card chips. SHHICchips build up China chips for China dream!


About internationalCC EAL4+ certification:

As the abbreviation of commoncriteria for information technology security evaluation, Common Criteria (CC)certification is a security certification with the widest recognition ininternational IT product field. 26 countries in the world have joined CC mutualrecognition agreement (CCRA) and each country sets up a unique certificationauthority to participate in the operation of CCRA agreement on behalf of thecountry. According to CCRA, the CC certificate is recognized by all the 26 members,so the international CC certificate validity is authoritative. CC certificationis divided into EAL1-EAL7 levels according to the evaluation assurance leveland the internationally accepted certification level of the smart card chip, asa product with high security requirements is EAL4+ and above. SHHIC SHC1302/2907M4chip passed CC EAL4+ certification. The certification authority is NorwegianSERTIT, one of the CCRA certification bodies. The evaluation laboratory is theworld-renowned security laboratory Brightsight in Netherlands and one of theevaluation laboratories recognized by EMVCo.