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SHC1302 32 bits Dual Interface IC Card Chip

SHC1302 is a series of dual interface CPU card chips which adopts SC100 as its CPU, mainly used in Bank IC Cards and financial sector co-branded cards, the CPU of which is based on 32-bit RISC structure. It is fabricated using 0.18um CMOS EEPROM, with 256k bytes of ROM and 10k bytes of RAM inserted for the storage of program and data. At the same time 40/48/80/144k bytes of EEPROM is employed to save data and program when power is suddenly cut off. It integrates modules like watchdog and timer, clock generator, true random number generator, interrupt controller, system controller, DES/3DES, SSF33, SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, AES, PKI algorithm coprocessor, CRC operation module, safety control module, RF interface complied with ISO14443, ISO7816 serial interface, etc.

1. In line with ISP/IEC 14443
2. In line with ISO 7816, supports T=0, T=1 protocol
3. Adopts SC100 to be the processor, equipped with the memory protection unit MPU
4. 256
K bytes of ROM
5. 10k bytes of RAM
6. 40/48/80/144k bytes of EEPROM
7. Data hold time: Over 10 years
8. Erasing times: Over 100 thousand times
9. Hardware DES/3DES, AES,CRC, SSF33, SM1, SM3, SM4
10. PKI algorithm coprocessor supports 2048-bit RSA, 256-bit ECC and SM2 business secret algorithm
11. True random number generator
12. Available frequency, light, temperature, and voltage
13. Memory encryption

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