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SHC1408S USB Microcontroller Security Chip

SHC1408S is applicable in all kinds of information security applications such as identity authentication, data encryption and decryption, etc. It integrates linear 8051 kernel, 265k bytes of FLASH program/data storage, 512 bytes of internal SRAM, 7.5k bytes of XRAM, 64-bit true random number generator, 2048-bit RSA, ECC and SM2 hardware coprocessor, SM1/SM7/SSF33/DES/AES symmetric encryption and decryption algorithm hardware accelerator, SM3 hash algorithm hardware accelerator, hardware CRC, DMA, full-speed USB interface in compliance with USB 2.0, universal I/O interface, Master/Slave SPI interface, Master/Slave 7816 interface in line with ISO/IEC7816 specification and UART interface together, and provides checking security mechanisms.



1. Linear 8051 kernel
2. 512 bytes of inner SRAM, 7.5k bytes of XRAM
3. 256k bytes of program/data storage
4. 64-bit true random number generator
5. 4 16-bit programmable timers/counters
6. 2048-bit RSA (support ECC and SM2) hardware encryption and decryption coprocessor
7. SM1/SM7/SSF33/DES/AES symmetric encryption and decryption algorithm
8. SM3 hash algorithm
9. DMA
10. Supports Master/Slave 7816 interface that complies with ISO 7816 standard
11. 20 universal I/O port
12. Master/Slave SPI interface
13. UART interface
14. Full-speed standard interface complied with USB2.0 standard
15. Working frequency
—12MHz in USB mode
—1-5MHz in 7816 mode

SHC1516 Online Transaction IC Card Chip

The SHC1516 online transaction IC card chip is a safe and contactless type smart card chip, and it is especially suitable for online transaction terminals just as its name implies. This IC card chip supports Huahong algorithm, and it provides 2048-bit RSA crypto-coprocessor, DES/3DES crypto-processor, stream crypto-processor, 64-bit true random number generator, 256kB flash memory as well as RF transmitter and receiver.


1. 8051 microcontroller (linear address)
2. Memory: 256kB flash, 7.5kB XRAM, 512B IRAM
3. 64-bit true random number generator: In accordance with FIPS 140-2 and NIST SP 800-22
4. Four 16-bit programmable timers/counters
5. Working frequency
a. USB mode: 12MHz for external crystal oscillator
b. ISO7816 mode: 1MHz-5MHz with typical value of 3.57MHz
6. The IC card chip comes with encryption protection for flash and XRAM
7. RSA/ECC/SM2 hardware accelerator
a. 2048-bit RSA crypto-coprocessor
b. Support ECC prime field P-192, P-194 and P-256, binary field B-163, B-193 and B-233
8. DES/3DES and AES crypto-processors
9. Direct memory access
10. Full-speed mode for USB2.0 ports
11. 17 GPIOs
12. Master/slave 7816 serial port (multiplexing with GPIO), T=0/T=1
13. Master/slave SPI interface (multiplexing with GPIO)
14. UART port
15. RF transmitter and receiver
a. Operating frequency: 13.56MHz
b. Communication protocol: ISO14443
c. Support contactless CPU card
d. Support smart card with security logic
e. Max. drive current for antenna: 100mA
16. Operating voltage of the contactless smart chip: 2.7V-5.5V in 7816 mode, 3.0V-5.5V in USB mode
17. Operating temperature: -25
to +85


SHC1509 Contactless Reader Chip

SHC1509 is a 13.56MHz contactless communication reader chip, applicable for security certificates, electronic payment, entrance guard and other applications. It supports all levels’ protocol of ISO14443 Type A. Receiving circuit is inserted in the chip to efficiently demodulate and decode the signals that is compatible with the ISO14443 Type A standard. The send driver can directly drive the external antenna without appending other active devices. It supports stream encryption and triple authentication, and those developed in-house algorithms.


1. Highly integrated analog circuits
2. The send driver drives the antenna directly with little external devices required
3. The operating distance can be up to 100 mm.
4. Supports ISO14443 Type A
5. Supports stream encryption and triple authentication
6. Supports developed in-house algorithms.
7. Parallel processor interface, internal address latch, requirements interruption
8. SPI compatible Interface
9. Flexible interrupt handling
10. Check the type of automatic processor interface
11. 64 byte FIFO buffer data transceiver
12. Low-power hardware reset
13. Power-saving mode controlled by software
14. Programmable clock coprocessor
15. Unique serial number
16. User-programmable initial configuration
17. Digital interface level range: 2.5V~5.5V, compatible with CMOS and TTL
18. Supply voltage range: 2.7V~5.5V
19. Working temperature: -25
20. Storage temperature: -40

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